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Mulligan Monday

Sound familiar? Last week just one of those weeks all around that I wish never happened!  My eating habits stunk, I didn’t get the gym, my daughter hurt her hand cheerleading (nothing serious), the person whole drives her home from practice had her car totaled by her brother thus no rides, there was family drama (Housewives worthy), and the list goes on and on!!

SO I am declaring today Mulligan Monday and I get a complete do-over!!!

Some good news…  I am now back in my office upstairs.  While the renovation work isn’t done yet at least I am out of the kitchen.  Tomorrow my new desk, credenza, and filing cabinets arrive and then later this week I will be buying a sofa.  I have to say that it all looks nice, I have enough space now to workout in here, and it is just a warmer more relaxing environment.  Did I mention I can now workout in here?  Later I will post some pictures.

While my diet today wasn’t the greatest nutritionally, calorie wise I did great.  Starting the week off good has me optimistic for the rest of the week.

I see some familiar faces.  Golden Girl, you really should write about your accomplishments as you are AMAZING.!! Please considering writing about it.

I’ve got to run as I am watching the LSU Alabama game.  Plus my son Garrett is sitting on my lap as I mam typing and he keeps wanting to play with the keyboard.  Time to make some Smart Pop!

I hope everyone’s week last week was better than mine, and we all have a great week this week.


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Ok, confession time…  I am not off to the greatest start and I am not sure why.

First, clearly moving my workspace into the kitchen while my office is undergoing renovation was not the brightest idea I’ve ever had.    I find myself grabbing little snacks way too frequently throughout the day.  Getting back into my office and out of the kitchen is a high priority for this weekend.

On the Today Show this morning they had some really neat fitness related “tech” products.  Here is a link to the segment:


I am going to do some additional research on the Body Media Fit that appears to track your movement (thus calories burned) and your food intact and then graphs where one is vs. the other. 

As for the other items in my “I Will” list, changing my behavior and general “thinking” about things will take some time.  I will work towards every item on the list, but I will refuse to feel guilty about not achieving them all right away.  Hell, the last thing I need to feel like I’ve failed at something… that is not what this list should be about.

I will be breaking down my desire to eat better and work out more into more defined goals this week.  I am getting my whole family on board with this one.  I got my whole family a membership to the gym for Christmas.  Now it is just an issue of coordinating who can go when.  While it would be great if we could all go together; that may not be an option.  My boyfriend and I both have full time jobs and a 3-year old son to take care of.  While our gym does have a Children’s center he is not necessarily the most adaptable.  Hopefully we can take him there and he will be happy while we are working out.  My daughter is a competitive cheerleader who cheers on three teams.  Her schedule is crazy with about 8 practices a week, plus competitions on the weekends.   Her schedule means a lot of time in the car driving her.  Finding a way to incorporate time for fitness will be difficult but not impossible. 


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2011 was a good year for me and I anticipate 2012 will be even better.  I am starting this year weighing 10 lbs less then I started last year and I hope that trend will continue. 

Last year my weight loss and fitness motivation started out strong but as the year progressed my motivation declined and I found myself getting back into my same old bad habits.   I really am not even sure how I let that happen, but I am going to try harder this year.  

I decided to make a list of some basic things I plan on doing this year.   As a daily reminder I have changed my computer password to “Good 2012” and my list is the wall paper of my computer.  Ok, that is not entirely true…  I removed the “Have More Sex” item as I have a 15 year old daughter and I just assume her and her friends not see that.

That’s it for now…  it is a busy today getting the Christmas stuff down and packed up.  Today is the day to clear out the old and get ready for the new.   It will be a very productive day. 

 I Will…

Eat better, not just to lose weight but for over all better health and more energy

Play more and work less

Travel more

Be more patient with my kids

Have more sex

Wear my jewelry and not feel guilty about it

Take better care of my skin

Not stress over the small stuff

Treat myself better

Donate more time and money

Be a little more selfish

Say “I love you” more often

Be present in the moment

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New year, new blog

Hello Healthy Girls :-).
2012 brings new goals and a new blog. Check me out at DivaWorld http://truelifediva.wordpress.com/ where the journey continues…

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