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Mulligan Monday

Sound familiar? Last week just one of those weeks all around that I wish never happened!  My eating habits stunk, I didn’t get the gym, my daughter hurt her hand cheerleading (nothing serious), the person whole drives her home from practice had her car totaled by her brother thus no rides, there was family drama (Housewives worthy), and the list goes on and on!!

SO I am declaring today Mulligan Monday and I get a complete do-over!!!

Some good news…  I am now back in my office upstairs.  While the renovation work isn’t done yet at least I am out of the kitchen.  Tomorrow my new desk, credenza, and filing cabinets arrive and then later this week I will be buying a sofa.  I have to say that it all looks nice, I have enough space now to workout in here, and it is just a warmer more relaxing environment.  Did I mention I can now workout in here?  Later I will post some pictures.

While my diet today wasn’t the greatest nutritionally, calorie wise I did great.  Starting the week off good has me optimistic for the rest of the week.

I see some familiar faces.  Golden Girl, you really should write about your accomplishments as you are AMAZING.!! Please considering writing about it.

I’ve got to run as I am watching the LSU Alabama game.  Plus my son Garrett is sitting on my lap as I mam typing and he keeps wanting to play with the keyboard.  Time to make some Smart Pop!

I hope everyone’s week last week was better than mine, and we all have a great week this week.


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New year, new blog

Hello Healthy Girls :-).
2012 brings new goals and a new blog. Check me out at DivaWorld http://truelifediva.wordpress.com/ where the journey continues…

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Wow, it has been almost 9 months now since we have been meeting here…  Sometimes we have been good about doing updated blogs and sometimes we (OK me) have slacked off and not posted routinely.   The amazing news though is that is some form or another we are still here!!! 

Over the past 9 months many things have changed for me.  First and foremost I am 11 lbs lighter.  While that may not seem like a lot of weight I am still happy with it.  I really think my biggest achievement was not initially losing the weight (which I did by March) but the fact that I haven’t gain a single lbs back over the past six months.  Historically I have been good at losing weight and bad at keeping it off; at least so far I have broken that pattern.  I’ve admitted here that I got content at my 149 weight and haven’t really stepped it up to start losing again.   How about you guys?  What are some of your changes over the past nine months?

I have finally found some new motivation, and yet again it is from my dog!  How stupid is that when you really think about it?  Then again, anything that gets us motivated is a good thing.  I took Jake to the vet yesterday, and guess what?  He also lost 11 lbs.  He is now down to 139 lbs.  It is a conspiracy I tell you!  So sadly, I clearly no longer weigh less than my dog.

What are your motivating factors?  GoldenGirl has that last 4 lbs and then her surgery.  Wow, that can be a real motivator.  What about you Diva?  What really gets you to “shake what your mother gave you” for hours at a time?  Anyone else?  Please share!

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Hello, remember me?

Yes, I have been MIA for a few weeks.  There has been so much going on in my life lately (some good and some bad) that I have put myself on the “back burner”.  I guess with myself on the back burner writing on the blog wasn’t necessarily forgotten about… but as I wrote about two weeks ago:  My whole life seems to be in a rut right now. I am so busy that I barely even know what day it is. I will fill you in later on while my life feels like it is on hold. I plan on writing here “tomorrow” but then before I know it 4 days have gone by”.  Even as I was typing this initially I wrote last week, but when I pulled it up sure enough it was two weeks ago.  Crap where has the time gone??

So what has been going on with me?

The good:

My entire family (brother, sister-in-law, nieces, my dad, me, my boyfriend, our son, my ex husband, and our daughter) went on vacation a few weeks ago.  We had a really nice time and it was great to get away from the real world and just relax.    Not the best timing but needed (see below)

The bad:

I am in the middle of a Payroll and HR system conversion at work and I am now working 50-60 hrs per week.  Go –live is Sept 10th so it is almost over.

My son has been sick (nothing serious just a bad summer cold) so he is not sleeping well.

My daughter is back from all of here camps and travels for the summer and yes cheerleading season has started.  This means driving to multiple practices per day. 

The Ugly:

As you may or may not know my Sister-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer last year…  at the ripe old age of 37.  Well, things are not going well for her (hence the schedule of a family trip at not the best time for everyone).  Despite aggressive chemo, radiation, and a mastectomy; her cancer has continue to grow and spread.  The cancer in her lungs has grown considerably and new lesions have appeared, most pronounced is on her pancreas.  Needless to say this as well has taken much of my time and focus away from me and onto her and her family.  With 13-year old twins at home she has more than she can handle right now and unfortunately that will not change anytime soon.


I guess right now I feel so “behind the eight ball” if you will that I can’t keep up with anything.  I am constantly feeling that I have so much to do that I can’t do anything well.  Do you ever feel that way?  I hate that feeling.  So what do I push to the back burner?  Me.  Some would argue that isn’t the best choice and some may even say it is an excuse to not eat right or work out.  I would say that “some” may be right.   I wish I was more like Diva and had more dedication to myself, honestly I just don’t.    

I can say that I still haven’t gained any weight back and physically I still feel good about myself.

Oh…  I need to run out now because over the weekend I got a flat tire…  I couldn’t get it fixed until today because I had jury duty…  I need my car back because tomorrow I need to drive to the beach to batten down the hatches on the beach house before the hurricane.  What’s that expression; When it rains it pours? 

Please… advice on how to get myself mentally and physically back on track!  I can’t be the only one that has times like this in my life and I am hoping some others will share and give some tips to get through it.

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Yet again we are starting another week.  How did you do last week?  What are you plans for this week?

Mondays are interesting; at least they are for me.  For some reason I look at Mondays as a new start.  Over weekend I take a look at my upcoming week and plan my goals accordingly.  If I’ve had a great week the week before I tend to be very motivated to keep that positive trend going, and if I didn’t have a great week the week before I look at Monday’s as my Mulligan; the beginning of my chance for a “do over”.

While I didn’t do badly last week, looking back I am not very happy for my effort level and this week is going to be a challenge for me.  My boyfriend is gone for the week for a training seminar for work.  This means that there is NO time at all to get to the gym as I will be picking up our son every day from pre-school at 4.  To compensate I have adjusted both my eating goals and my “to do” list around the house.  This weekend I made my dinner menu for the whole week to ensure I stayed on track with my eating.  In addition I set aside time in my workday to do some more yard work.   One of the great things about my job is that even though I am “at work” I can usually multi-task to be both physically active and working at the same time.  Last week for example I spent 2-3 hours listening in on conference calls while weeding the garden and spreading mulch.   This week I’ve already identified one 2-hour call during which I plan on raking an area of my lawn, tilling in new seeding soil, and putting down grass seed.  While it may not be a trip to the gym I will definitely be getting my heart rate up, working my muscles, and getting something accomplished (which for me is a big plus).

I have to say; lately in general I have been a little complacent.  I am finding myself falling back into some old bad habits and if I continue down this path I can find myself is some serious trouble.   I starting skipping breakfast again and I have been eating some things that I know are not good for me.   I think it because I am feeling pretty damn good about how I look right now.  I went shopping last week for the first time in a while I got the cutest size 8 Capri pants and they fit great!  I was really happy!  BTW they are Levi’s 515 Capri and they have a great cut if you have an athletic build.  Of course then I starting to think about it more and move…  Am I know really a size 8 or with the “vanity sizing” is this really an old 10?   Friends I haven’t seen for a while are raving about how good I look and that gets me thinking “hey I can eat normal again”…  but for me that is a slippery slope.  Do you know what my wake-up call with this feeling was?  I saw my reflection in a mirror while I was sitting down!  As stupid as this sounds, I really looked different (at least in my own eyes) sitting down then I do when standing!  It reinforced the idea in brain that while my weight is pretty good, I still have a way to go to really feeling and looking like I want to.

When you are close to your over all goal, how do you stay motived?  What do you do to fight the urge to fall back into your old habits!  I thought before I had really changed my mindset as to what was “normal” for me to be doign and eating but now I am not so sure.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!  If you had a bad week last week, consider today your Mulligan Monday!

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I am Woman!


Happy Monday (is that an oxymoron?)!!!

I am feeling very empowered lately and I wanted to share it!!  While talking to my daughter Tiffany and sister-in-law Cindy this weekend I realized both of them needed a strong dose of self confidence.  Here is a picture of the two of them.  This picture was taken two weeks ago when we celebrated my sister-in-laws 38th birthday AND her last radiation treatment.  For those of you that do not know she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer last year and she has been fighting a great fight!  How fantastic does she look?

Do any of you know somebody who just doesn’t see in themselves who they really are, or in some cases can be?  These two are perfect examples!

Tiffany is a beautiful, strong, fit, smart, kind, talented 14 year-old.  I struggle with her because she just doesn’t see those qualities in herself sometime and it really affects her behavior.  This past weekend she had tumbling evaluations for next year’s cheerleading team and she just won’t throw her back tuck.  She gets herself all worked up to the point of tears.  Her body can do it, for some reason her mind just won’t let her truly know that she can do it.  She had the same issues when she tried out for the High School team a few weeks ago as an incoming freshman.  She was so nervous in her abilities that she kept saying in the week before the tryouts started that she wasn’t sure if she was going to try out.  This lasted right up until it was time for us to leave and even though she was saying other reasons “I just don’t think I want to cheer for school” or “I may take a year off to focus on my school work” but I knew the real reason; she was just so insecure in her abilities she was scared.   It took so much convincing but she tried out AND she made the varsity squad.   She also lacks confidence in her appearance; hello?  Now I know I my view may be tainted as I am her mom but really…  We all know kids can be cruel but when others have called her Albino and fat she lets it get to her.  Can you believe she has been asking me to let her dye her hair for three years because of what kids say?  Then… I hear her and her friends talking about others, wow that totally drives me up a wall!!  No matter how many times I tell her that 1) people talk about you to try and put you down so they can feel better about themselves and 2) it is NEVER acceptable to talk badly about others and stress to her she should already feel confident enough in herself, she doesn’t need to get that feeling at the expense of others.  If she was just more confident she could do anything!!

As for Cindy, she is really in a bad way.  She’s been fighting cancer for several months and is VERY self conscious in her appearance.  Between the hair loss, the weight gain (can you believe she gained weight?), the mastectomy, and issues with her teeth doe to her treatments she is having a difficult time.  But believe it or not her biggest issue right now is she is in a horrible relationship that she will not leave because she thinks she cannot be on her own and take care of her girls (12-year old twins).  Her concerns aren’t financial as she will always be taken care of by our family, she just doesn’t think she is strong enough to be on her own.  OMG, you just kicked the crap of out cancer but yet you can’t be on your own?   I don’t want to go into details as to why this relationship is bad for her but I will just say if she could live through that environment for the past 15 plus years she can do anything!! 

While some of you may think the song is corny, I grew up listening to this song and it has always had special meaning to me.  My mom and I used to play this some a lot when I was a little girl.  We would go for drives on Sunday’s with the top down in her car and we would sing along with this song as loud as we could.  I was raised simply knowing that “I could do anything”!! 

How about you guys?  Play this song; does it speak to you in anyway?  Do you just “know that” about yourselves?  You can do anything!!!  If not then you should!!  If you don’t post here and we can all set you straight!   As OneMoreinBoston says:  “Bypass and Kickass”.  Do you know someone else like I do that needs some help realizing it?  If so then reach out to them!  Help someone else see the amazing things that you see in them!

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I saw this article over the weekend and I thought it had some great info and the timing was good for us.

I was pleased to see that many of their tips are things that we are already doing and or discussing.   Some key things we have discussed are keeping a food diary, not dwelling on the past mistakes, planning, and especially getting support.

This article came at a good time for me as over the past two weeks I have been getting a little frustrated.  I feel like my calories have been not only low but from good sources and I haven’t seen any real changes on the scale.  I know I just got to keep plugging along but damn these last few weeks have been somewhat of a struggle mentally.

Already quit your Jan. 1 goals? Here are some tips to stay focused


Updated 3:45 PM EST, Thu, Mar 3, 2011 |

My goal is to lose 50 pounds. The goal seems so out of my reach but I know I can do it.

Getting started has been tough. Like most people, my kick-off date was Jan. 1. But after a week-long vacation in the middle of January and enjoying all the fun and tasty treats that Valentine’s weekend is sure to deliver, I feel like I’ve gotten off track.

I know there are others just like me who need help staying focused. 
So what can we do to make sure that on Jan. 1, 2012 we are lighter than Jan. 1, 2011?
Registered Dietician Althea Zanecosky says the first thing you need to do is “Set smaller, achievable goals like two pounds by next week.” Saying ‘I want to lose 50 pounds’ could make your goal seem harder to achieve.
Since the weight loss fairy won’t automatically come and remove the pounds for you, the next step is to have a plan.

Zanecosky says make a decision to no longer go to the vending machine, and then determine what your alternative behavior will be. For example you can bring yogurt or fruit to keep in the office fridge.

Other tricks to stave off hunger and poor eating habits include chewing gum, enjoying a small piece of dark chocolate, and trading crunchy chips for crunchy fruit or veggies.
It’s also important to keep a food diary. You can’t measure what you don’t track. Keeping a food log that you share with a friend or nutritionist will keep you honest. Having a food log can also be useful when trying to determine why you aren’t losing weight and what situations cause you to succumb to temptation.
When you do fall off the wagon, fitness expert and co-owner of Crossfit Center City Erin Davidson says don’t dwell on the past, don’t dwell on your mistakes, but do learn from them.

“Any real change in your body is going to take real change in your habits – which simply takes time,” says Davidson. “It’s like anything else in life: eating right takes practice.”
To prevent yourself from eating foods that aren’t good for you’ve got to plan.

“Healthy food in perfect proportions will not actually fall from the sky right on to your plate,” says Davidson. 

You’ve got to learn to cook according to Davidson. 

“You’ve got to learn to plan ahead to have food you actually want to eat that’s good for you,” says Davidson. “Most of the time the ‘bad’ choices we make with eating have more to do with the ‘bad’ decisions we have made with planning.”
And since birds of a feather flock together, you should watch the company you keep. Join a weight loss group or start your own. It only takes two to tango, and it’s always good to have a back-up plan just in case your weight loss partner decides to go into hiding at the doughnut shop. It’s ultimately up to you to stay on track. For me accountability is also important. If I know there is someone checking on me, I am more likely to eat right and exercise.
The last message is don’t diet — make a lifestyle change. Lean people think, act, eat, and look lean according to Davidson.

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