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Ok, confession time…  I am not off to the greatest start and I am not sure why.

First, clearly moving my workspace into the kitchen while my office is undergoing renovation was not the brightest idea I’ve ever had.    I find myself grabbing little snacks way too frequently throughout the day.  Getting back into my office and out of the kitchen is a high priority for this weekend.

On the Today Show this morning they had some really neat fitness related “tech” products.  Here is a link to the segment:


I am going to do some additional research on the Body Media Fit that appears to track your movement (thus calories burned) and your food intact and then graphs where one is vs. the other. 

As for the other items in my “I Will” list, changing my behavior and general “thinking” about things will take some time.  I will work towards every item on the list, but I will refuse to feel guilty about not achieving them all right away.  Hell, the last thing I need to feel like I’ve failed at something… that is not what this list should be about.

I will be breaking down my desire to eat better and work out more into more defined goals this week.  I am getting my whole family on board with this one.  I got my whole family a membership to the gym for Christmas.  Now it is just an issue of coordinating who can go when.  While it would be great if we could all go together; that may not be an option.  My boyfriend and I both have full time jobs and a 3-year old son to take care of.  While our gym does have a Children’s center he is not necessarily the most adaptable.  Hopefully we can take him there and he will be happy while we are working out.  My daughter is a competitive cheerleader who cheers on three teams.  Her schedule is crazy with about 8 practices a week, plus competitions on the weekends.   Her schedule means a lot of time in the car driving her.  Finding a way to incorporate time for fitness will be difficult but not impossible. 



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