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We finally get a woman featured! Yeah, I know Rachel was the first one but she got robbed on the home makeover part ;-).  We meet LaRhonda,  24 yrs old.  We also meet her belly which she has nicknamed Bertha.  LaRhonda’s mother died of a heart attack and complications from diabetes.  She keeps her mother’s insuline needles as a reminder but it doesn’t stop her from overeating.  At the first weigh-in, LaRhonda is brought to tears at the realization that she is getting weighed on a freight scale.  She comes in at 433 lbs.  Whoa!  During the 1 week boot camp LaRhonda reveals she was molested at  8yrs old but never told anyone.  She comforted herself with food.  After revealing her secret she is ready to change her life and is no longer a victim.  When Chris reveals her home gym and new dinning table set, LaRhonda is once again moved to tears.  She is truly humbled by the gift.  Chris gives her a  90 day challenge of  100 lbs with the prize of a new car as incentive.  We see some funny footage of Chris singing LaRhonda awake with an acoustic guitar.  And we finally see what looks like nutrition education, food shopping, and physical training going on.  Too bad we don’t actually know what we are looking at.  Chris prepared what looked like a tasty wrap for lunch but didn’t disclose the recipe :-(.

Day 90 arrives and the 2nd weigh-in.  LaRhonda meets her goal and is given a nice shiny red jeep.  This gift was the best out of all of them so far.  Then we have the tearful goodbye with Chris and his backpack. 

During the next 90 days we see LaRhonda struggle to stay on track.  She is shown eating not only chips, but chips and dip!  How in the world is she gonna meet the  60lb goal Chris set for her?  Weigh-in time comes and LaRhonda manages to squeak by with a 60 lb loss!  She is now ready to let go of her mothers old needles and with Chris by her side she visits her mother’s grave to do just that.

Phase 3’s challenge is to lose a total of 40-50% of her beginning weight and qualify for skin reduction surgery.   She meets her goal and has lost 190lbs.  Fast forward to her plastic surgery and then the final weigh-in…

La Rhonda shows up looking fierce and hot to death! A collage of her 1 yr journey flashes across the screen.  Final weight is  231 lbs 🙂 and it is truly a happy ending.


In case you haven’t noticed we are making a few cosmetic as well as content changes to the blog.  More is on the way so stay tuned!

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Episode 3 spotlights Dana Baker.  Dana is described as an aspiring Gospel singer.  I think the folks at ABC have never heard Gospel music before.  Dana gave several performances during the show and what I saw was a classically trained singer singing Opera and Christian standards :-).  Dana, at the age of 44 has ballooned up to 498lbs.  Because of his weight gain Dana has chosen to alienate himself from his seven siblings for fear of judgement.

After 1 week of boot camp and a complete kitchen remodel, Dana is given a 3 month weight loss goal of 110lbs.  Dana is slowly but surely losing weight but Chris is suspicious.  Chris checks Dana’s fridge and finds ginger ale and canned fruit packed in syrup.  Chris then checks Dana’s car and find fast food wrappers.  Dana initially denies any knowledge of the fast food and then tries to blame passengers for the contraband.  But wait a minute… I thought Chris lived with the participants?  How did he not know Dana was drinking ginger ale and eating fruit cocktail if he lived with him?  BUSTED ABC and Chris Powell!  Dana finally admits to self sabotage as a way to medicate his pain from childhood sexual abuse.  Dana and Chris hug it out and agree to start anew.

During a fitness challenge Dana gets heckled by a homeless person and Chris goes off!  Dana reveals that no one has ever stood for him when being made fun of over his weight.  At his 90 day weigh- in Dana meets and surpasses his 110lb goal by 1lb.  His prize is professional vocal coaching.  He gets an additional gift of a trip to California to perform with one of his brothers in a church.

After experiencing knee pain it is discovered Dana needs knee replacement surgery.  Chris vows to help him thru this and revamps his fitness program so as to not aggravate his injury.  It is now time for the 6 month weigh-in.  Dan has to lose 70 lbs.  He comes up short with only a 29lb loss.  Since he was shown chowing down on 2 large pizzas at one point, I’m not surprised.  Chris gives Dana a final challenge of 108lbs to qualify for skin reduction surgery.  At the 90 day mark Dana once again falls short by only losing 40lbs.  While this is great, it’s not in line with the program.  Chris confronts Dana with grocery  receipts submitted to the show.  Pizza, chocolate bars, and ice cream are amongst items Dana regularly ate while attempting to lose weight.  Chris barely rips him a new one and I wanted to reach thru the screen and smack the both of them.  Dana reveals that he is a closeted homosexual and comes out to Chris.  So now we get to see that carrying the shame and guilt of childhood molestation and  hiding his sexuality has caused him to self medicate with food.  I’m happy that Dana is on the path to healing by revealing these things but I almost feel like its an excuse.  Maybe I’m just too jaded from watching a lot of reality TV.

At the final weigh-in Dana looks very slim and it appears he is no longer hiding from his family since they are all in attendance.  His final weight is 295lbs.  Dana nearly feints at being under 300lbs.  A loss of 203lbs is fantastic.    Way to go 🙂

Next up on episode 4 is James, 26yrs old and living in his grandparents basement.  James’s weight is so out of control he causes floor tiles to crack in his grandparents house.  His heaviest weight was over 700lbs.  James admits to frequently eating two lunches, two dinners, etc.  His wake up call was watching a documentary of a super morbidly obese man who had to be cut out of his home and realizing he weighed more than him.  James does work out some but a very nasty looking hernia prevents him from doing too much.

His initial weigh-in has to be conducted on a freight scale.  His starting weight is  651 lbs.  Chris takes him thru a grueling 1 week boot camp and then gives him a 90 day goal of 150lbs.  His prize will be a custom made bike.  James hasn’t ridden a bike since childhood so he is very excited and motivated to win the challenge.  James loses 154lbs and takes his new bike for a spin.  It was kinda cute to see him with his helmet tilted sideways (on accident, I’m sure) as he rode off into the distance :-).

Phase 2, 6 month goal for James is 80lbs.  James spends a lot of time on camera bitching about working out.  Things are looking shaky.  Then a bout with pneumonia  sets James WAY back.  At his 6 month weigh-in he only losses 11 lbs.  His hernia is horrible looking.  He isn’t eligible for surgery to fix it unless he losses weight.  That alone should be motivation but it’s not.  Chris brings in football great Michael Irvin who himself has battled weight and lost over 100lbs.  A full day of drills and practice commences with James realizing at the end of the day that he “coulda been a contenda”

James gives himself the 9 month challenge of 90lbs, effectively bringing his weight under 400lbs.  At the weigh-in he comes in at 394lbs, achieving his goal. 😉  His next goal is to have lost a total of 300 lbs at the finale.

The final weigh-in arrives and James shows up  wearing a jacket several sizes too small  looking pretty dapper.  He steps on the scale and his final weight is 338lbs for a total of 313lbs lost!  Chris presents him with Super Bowl tickets, which seems a bit anti-climatic at this point to me.  Closing credits reveal James moved out of his grandparent house and working on getting under 300lbs to qualify for hernia surgery.

I decided to do some research and found literally next to nothing on our Life Coach Chris Powell.  I did find the casting call for the show and a few short bios on Chris that all said the same thing.  I’m gonna give this show 2 more episodes to  catch my interest and if not, forget it.  My cousin, who commented on here twice, is raving about this show on Twitter.  Maybe I should ask her to do a recap or two?  Are there any weight loss shows on that you all would like me to recap?  Other than a few 5k/10k runs coming up, I’m open to suggestions.  Are there any workout DVD’s anyone would like to review?  Diets to blog about? Let me know your thoughts.  Until next time, Peace and Blessings 😀


Took  pictures last week and wanted to post one but the website won’t let me order any JPEG’s, etc.  So below is a bootleg copy until the actual pics arrive and I can scan them onto my PC  😛

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Good Day everyone!  Things have been very hectic in my neck of the woods these past few weeks.  Even as I am typing this I am on a training webinar so if things go a little astray I can blame it on that.

Actually I feel like I have been SO busy lots of things in my life have gone astray…  my diet and fitness commitment, the attention to my family, the attention to my job, and I really need to get all of the above back on track.  Lately I guess I feel like I have been trying to do too many things and I have necessarily been doing them all great, and as a closest perfectionists that has been tough.

As I said at the very beginning; I was raised to be perfect.  It is just how things were in my household.  Lately I have been struggling with how I view and raise my daughter.  My father is now pushing me about her and her weight.  With her being 14 it is a very touchy subject and I have mentioned before she is already self conscious about it at times.   If you look at her as a “normal” teen girl her weight is absolutely where it should be!  She is a beautiful size 6 and she is strong and very fit. 

There are a few issues I see right now:

1)      First it is summer and she has a break in her sports where she is working out 5-6 times a week.  I am a little concerned that she will eat her typical calories (and she doesn’t have the best nutrition track record) and without the physical activity she may put on weight.  This is a valid concern as this happened last summer.

2)      After a short break of a few weeks things start back up again…  she has lacrosse camp, tumbling camp, and then multiple cheer camps/clinics.  By letting her physical activity fall off now she will struggle physically to try and get back to the shape she is in now instead of taking her performance to the next level.

3)      Most importantly she is not a “normal” teen girl.  She is going to compete on two National Cheer teams this upcoming year.  I don’t just mean the “rah rah” type of cheering…  I mean the front tuck, round off back tuck, throwing and catching girls kind of cheerleading.   Plus she is now going into High School and is going to try out for the High School Lacrosse team next year.  Did I mention our high school’s team has ranked first or second in the state of PA for the last several years? 

I feel like she is at a cross roads; does she want to be a “normal” teen or does she want to be an athlete?  When it comes to food and fitness she really can’t be both.  My dad looks at her like he looked at me when I was her age.  As he just said to me on Sunday; “Can you image how great should would be if she grew an inch and lost 4 lbs this summer?”  If I look at her through my “coach and trainer eyes” I see the exact same thing.  As her mom though (to quote TrueLifeDiva) I want her to be able to look in the mirror and tell herself “I am beautiful, I am strong, and I deserve nothing less than the best!”

Where is that line?  I’d like to follow her lead on this but she really wants it both ways… she wants to be the athlete but is not necessarily motivated to put in the work right now.  What makes it even more difficult is that she is spending the majority of this first part of her summer down in Virginia Beach with her dad.  It is going to be very easy for her to sit around all day while he at working doing nothing but eating, laying around, watching TV, and playing on the computer. 

We had a really good talk about all of this before she left this past weekend.  I hope I conveyed my concerns and feeling the way I wanted to.  I really tried hard to communicate how she can use this time to take herself to the next level.  She really has a great opportunity right now.  She is living down at the ocean front in Virginia Beach.  I called a fantastic local gym there that I use to belong to and got her a membership for the summer.   The lack of accountability with the gym concerned me.  I told both the gym and Tiffany that whatever it took for her to stay motivated she could have, including scheduled private training sessions as often as she wants.   The ideal situation for her would be to ride her bike to the gym each day and have a nice workout, have a good lunch, and then head to the beach to read, relax and get some sun for the afternoon.  I don’t know about you but I would LOVE to spend a few weeks doing that.   We talked about how good she will feel when she returns to go to her various camps and clinic.  We also discussed how amazing it will be going into High School feeling strong, fit, tan, relaxed, and confident.

At this point the ball is her court.  She has all of the tools at her disposal and it is up to her if she decides to use them.  It will be hard for me to ask her “What have you been doing” without pushing to see what she has been eating and how she has been doing with working out.  When I spoke with her yesterday and she said she went to the gym and made an appointment with “Jake” to take her though a workout on Monday.  Because of her age she needs to go through the gym with someone of staff before she can be on the fitness floor.  At first I thought to myself “why the delay”  but I didn’t say anything as not to push; then later I remembered she is going away “camping” on the beach in North Carolina for the next several days.  Boy and I glad I didn’t say anything about the delay.  It really has to be a conscious effort for me not to push her.   

I will continue to try and define and respect that line between support and pushing her.  Does anyone have any guidance or suggestions?  While she is away I am going to make the effort to push myself instead of Tiffany.  I am going to try and keep her motivated simply through example.  We discussed us working out together when she returns and I am really looking forward to that!!


Here are the three of us this past Friday…  Just to let you know my dad is 68 years old and is still a fit son of a gun (in case you couldn’t tell).

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TrueLifeDiva Thursday

Happy Birthday/New Year!

Another candle on the birthday cake, it’s starting to look like a forest fire… Is it okay to start counting backwards?  I’m a funny kind of gal.  I treat my birthday like New Years day.  I reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the coming year.  I’ve made a lot of progress since June 2010.  I have a lot of progress I still need to accomplish.  But that’s okay because I’m staying true to the course.  I’ve learned some things in the past year about myself and the people I call my friends.  I’ve made some new friends and lost a few.  Such is life.  The new friends I’ve made bring inspiration and enlightenment into my life.  The friends I’ve lost, I wish them well on their journey.  All in all I have a good life.  There are some things I’d like to change and hopefully I will be able to do that.  But I really can’t complain too much.  I have my health, family, friends, and a cat who chews my hair when it’s in a ponytail  😉

My goals for the “new year” are as follows:

1. Continue to train for  and  participate in the Rock n Roll marathon in December

2. Work out an avg of 5 times a week and explore new types of fitness classes.

3.  Eat smart but enjoy everything that’s out there.

4.  Work on getting Viveca A. Fox muscular arms in “Kill Bill vol 2”

5.  Continue to grow and learn.  You can never learn too much!


Now that the weather is warming up in most parts of the country, are you changing your workout routines?  Are you inspired by the more revealing clothing?  Has the arrival of summer fruits at the local market got you thinking about making more healthy decisions?


P.S.  My DVR went bizerk on me the other night and my Extreme Makeover recording got deleted in the process.  The rerun isn’t until Saturday so episode 3 will be included with episode 4’s recap.


P.S.S.  I’m taking pictures next week so a new avatar will be following shortly.  I am also considering modeling the “Periwinkle” swimsuit given to me by BuffyWood.  When I showed it to my gay “husband”, he declared it was purple.  I guess Buffy’s boyfriend was right! 😛



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This week’s episode spotlights Alex, a 23yr old man tilting the scales at 459 lbs.  Alex has a passion for baseball, as does his family.  His biggest cheerleader was his mother who died of cancer.  Alex’s desire to fulfill his mother’s dying wish for him to lose the weight ends up being his motivation when everything else fails.

Alex’s weight is so severe, he can no longer enter his bathroom facing forward.  He has to back his way into the bathroom because his front and sides won’t fit.  Chris has to do his first weigh in at a loading dock since Alex is too large for a regular scale.  The hits keep coming when he weighs an astonishing  459lbs.  Alex had no clue his weight had gotten that high.

Chris takes Alex to visit a nutritionist who shows him how to make his favorite meals with fewer calories.  No discussion of what kind of meal plan Alex is on or how many calories a day he is consuming.  I was hoping to get some nutrition tips from the cooking segment but no such luck.  Next we see Alex holding one of those 10lbs of fat models and he makes all the right noises but I don’t think he REALLY gets it.

Chris surprises Alex with a home gym in his living room featuring some nice looking, state of the art equipment.   This home gym looks a lot better than the one he gifted Rachel from episode one with and he gave the whole area a makeover including paint and artwork.  He shows Alex his fridge and announces he threw out all unhealthy foods.  The fridge is now stocked with only healthy items.  Another opportunity to discuss nutrition is missed.

Chris gives Alex a 90 day goal of 100lbs wight loss and a potential prize of season tickets to the Atlanta Braves games. A few clips of Alex’s training sessions are shown and then directly to the first weigh in challenge arrives.  In Chris’s bio it states that he pioneered a weight loss training regemin but we don’t get to see it.  I have no idea what they did in the gym other than some work with a medicine ball and ropes.  At the weigh in Alex has lost 97lbs, 3 lbs short of the challenge so no season tickets :-(.  He gets a consolation prize of attending a game and getting to meet some of the players.

Alex’s next challenge is to lose 60lbs in 90 days.  That seems doable considering he had just lost 97lbs in the same amount of time.  But without his trainer in the house motivation him, Alex quickly falls off course.  Hidden cameras show him playing video games instead of working out. UGH!!!  How can he be so irresponsible?  He is blowing the opportunity of a lifetime.  Self sabotage, thy name is Alex 😀  The results of him slacking off is a dismal 21lb loss.  While that is nothing to sneeze at, it is not on par with the program he is supposed to be following.

Chris cracks down on Alex by sending him to Army training for 24hrs.  Alex considers most of this to be a joke.  I think his young age, 23, has a lot to do with his lazy attitude during this process.  Alex gets his ass handed to him during the boot camp and not a moment too soon.  ABC blurred the area of his backside but I’m pretty sure he soiled himself at one point.  Boot camp is no joke!

Alex is given his third and final challenge of 70 lbs in order to qualify for skin removal/reduction surgery.  Flashy edits follow and we are already at the next weigh in.  Alex not only loses 70lbs, he passes the goal and loses 77lbs.  Finally!  He gets the doctors okay for plastic surgery and we are fast forwarded to day 365 after a quick blip on surgery day.

On the last day friends and family gather at the baseball field Alex played little league at.  When He exits the limo for the big reveal, everyone screams in amazement.  He is half the size he was a year ago.  Alex has accomplished a total weight loss of 216 lbs.  At 243lbs he is now in the healthy weight range and now looks like a 23yr old instead of an old man like he did at 459 lbs.  He is presented with a plaque honoring his mother and everyone cries, including me.  Another happy ending.

This episode wasn’t as flashy as the first one but still lacking in information on the topic. I have no idea what kind of eating plan is used.  Is it Jenny? WW, Nutrisystem, or South Beach?  How many calories or points?  How often do they workout?  How many calories burned everyday?  Do they wear a BodyBugg? Do they take suppliments?  What is your opinion, do you want to know these things or just see the end results?  Let me know your thoughts.  Peace and Blessings 😀

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Yet again we are starting another week.  How did you do last week?  What are you plans for this week?

Mondays are interesting; at least they are for me.  For some reason I look at Mondays as a new start.  Over weekend I take a look at my upcoming week and plan my goals accordingly.  If I’ve had a great week the week before I tend to be very motivated to keep that positive trend going, and if I didn’t have a great week the week before I look at Monday’s as my Mulligan; the beginning of my chance for a “do over”.

While I didn’t do badly last week, looking back I am not very happy for my effort level and this week is going to be a challenge for me.  My boyfriend is gone for the week for a training seminar for work.  This means that there is NO time at all to get to the gym as I will be picking up our son every day from pre-school at 4.  To compensate I have adjusted both my eating goals and my “to do” list around the house.  This weekend I made my dinner menu for the whole week to ensure I stayed on track with my eating.  In addition I set aside time in my workday to do some more yard work.   One of the great things about my job is that even though I am “at work” I can usually multi-task to be both physically active and working at the same time.  Last week for example I spent 2-3 hours listening in on conference calls while weeding the garden and spreading mulch.   This week I’ve already identified one 2-hour call during which I plan on raking an area of my lawn, tilling in new seeding soil, and putting down grass seed.  While it may not be a trip to the gym I will definitely be getting my heart rate up, working my muscles, and getting something accomplished (which for me is a big plus).

I have to say; lately in general I have been a little complacent.  I am finding myself falling back into some old bad habits and if I continue down this path I can find myself is some serious trouble.   I starting skipping breakfast again and I have been eating some things that I know are not good for me.   I think it because I am feeling pretty damn good about how I look right now.  I went shopping last week for the first time in a while I got the cutest size 8 Capri pants and they fit great!  I was really happy!  BTW they are Levi’s 515 Capri and they have a great cut if you have an athletic build.  Of course then I starting to think about it more and move…  Am I know really a size 8 or with the “vanity sizing” is this really an old 10?   Friends I haven’t seen for a while are raving about how good I look and that gets me thinking “hey I can eat normal again”…  but for me that is a slippery slope.  Do you know what my wake-up call with this feeling was?  I saw my reflection in a mirror while I was sitting down!  As stupid as this sounds, I really looked different (at least in my own eyes) sitting down then I do when standing!  It reinforced the idea in brain that while my weight is pretty good, I still have a way to go to really feeling and looking like I want to.

When you are close to your over all goal, how do you stay motived?  What do you do to fight the urge to fall back into your old habits!  I thought before I had really changed my mindset as to what was “normal” for me to be doign and eating but now I am not so sure.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!  If you had a bad week last week, consider today your Mulligan Monday!

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Monday night brought us the the premier episode of a new weight loss show.  Extreme Makeover got it’s start as a reality show that gave participants full body makeovers via plastic surgery.  The show quickly became controversial with its focus on breast implants and veneers.  ABC came out with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and that has become a Sunday night tear jerker favorite since.  So I was really looking forward to this new show when I began seeing ads for the weight loss version.  A trainer works with a client for a year.  This had never been done before.  All other shows only follow a client for six months or less.  This sounded really promising.

Chris Powell- Personal Trainer

From the ABC website:

“Chris Powell exploded onto the fitness scene with his unorthodox approach, becoming a pioneer for a new hybrid of fitness professionals. He captured national attention with the largest and fastest natural weight loss ever documented, transforming the life of David Smith, who lost 401 lbs. in 26 months. It was Chris’ unyielding dedication to another that captured the heart of America, as he shared his story on such national shows as The Oprah Winfrey Show, 20/20, The View, as well as a one-hour documentary for TLC.

With Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, Chris guides the participants through their transformations by moving into their homes. By assuring that they have the proper nourishment and exercise movement, he provides a fresh perspective to individuals whose lives have become unmanageable because of their weight.

Chris is well-equipped to take on this assignment. He holds a degree in Exercise Science, with concentrations in biomechanics and physiology and the training accreditation, The Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He has been the Transformation Pro on KTVK’s Good Morning Arizona for the last six years.

Chris also knows firsthand what it’s like to struggle with body image. At age 14, he was the smallest kid in school; no match other kids on the football field. With encouragement from his parents, he took up weightlifting. He was able to gain an edge, not by size, but by strength. This personal victory proved to him the potential of the human body and ultimately set him on a life-changing career path.

Chris says, “The human body is an amazing machine that we can transform naturally. I have devoted my being to developing innovative lifestyles and tools to enrich the lives of others, and each life changed has been a remarkable gift.”

We can read all about this philosophy in his inspiring weight loss and fitness book titled Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb-Cycle Solution, which is being published by Hyperion in October of 2011. Until then, we’ll have to settle for seeing Chris each week on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition!”

The first episode features Rachel.  Rachel is a 21yr old  elementary school P.E. teacher.  She weighs 369 lbs and feels hopeless about it.  The show takes on an American Idol feel when they show Chris arriving at her job to surprise her with the news that’s been selected to be featured on the show.  Another difference is that the trainer moves into the home for 3 months to train Rachel day and night.  He turns a den into a personal gym and immediately starts working with Rachel.  The  other family members appear to be on board initially but soon begin complaining about the noise from the workouts and sabotage her efforts by eating fattening foods in front of her.  Chris challenges Rachel to lose 80lbs (yikes!) in the first 90 days and promises a trip to Greece as a reward.  Rachel meets the challenge and wins the trip.  I’m so glad she did because I would’ve been sick at the thought of her not getting that opportunity.  Rachel brings her brother and it looks like a lovely trip.  The only bad spot was when they were shown eating at an outdoor cafe and are sent complimentary desserts.  Those desserts looked YUMMY;-).  They both refused to eat them.  I would’ve eaten them and then walked an extra few hours to offset the difference.  Who knows when she might get to go to Greece again?  She could’ve  at least tasted the sweets… maybe eaten half?  But I guess she made the right decision for her.

ABC used a lot of slick editing and it seemed to me like we really didn’t get to see Rachel go through the process.  They mainly focused on her weigh-ins and whether or not she won the prizes awarded for meeting each challenge set by the trainer.  Rachel did get the opportunity to have plastic surgery to remove excess skin and I was a little teary eyed at that point 🙂 .  At the final weigh-in Rachel lost a total of 161lbs.  I was jumping up and down in my bed like I knew her personally.  That’s more than I weigh so basically she lost the equivalent of a middle aged woman (LOL).  This first episode felt very flashy to me.  I had the warm fuzzies at the end but I’m not sure I love this show yet.  I’ll try to get the next recap to you sooner.  Peace and Blessings 😀

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