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2011 was a good year for me and I anticipate 2012 will be even better.  I am starting this year weighing 10 lbs less then I started last year and I hope that trend will continue. 

Last year my weight loss and fitness motivation started out strong but as the year progressed my motivation declined and I found myself getting back into my same old bad habits.   I really am not even sure how I let that happen, but I am going to try harder this year.  

I decided to make a list of some basic things I plan on doing this year.   As a daily reminder I have changed my computer password to “Good 2012” and my list is the wall paper of my computer.  Ok, that is not entirely true…  I removed the “Have More Sex” item as I have a 15 year old daughter and I just assume her and her friends not see that.

That’s it for now…  it is a busy today getting the Christmas stuff down and packed up.  Today is the day to clear out the old and get ready for the new.   It will be a very productive day. 

 I Will…

Eat better, not just to lose weight but for over all better health and more energy

Play more and work less

Travel more

Be more patient with my kids

Have more sex

Wear my jewelry and not feel guilty about it

Take better care of my skin

Not stress over the small stuff

Treat myself better

Donate more time and money

Be a little more selfish

Say “I love you” more often

Be present in the moment


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