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Here is another great recap by TrueLifeDiva.  How is everyone doing?  Hopefully these recaps are inspiring you as they are me.  A quick person update…  I still weigh less than my dog!  I am looking forward to hearing all about TLD’s race this past weekend when she tells us the story on Thursday.



Decatur, GA – Project Manager

Height: 5’11”

Start Weight: 509.0 lbs

End Weight: 368.4 lbs

“This gave me the opportunity to take control of my health, and consequently my life, opening a new chapter – one that I have desired for longer than I can remember.”

Chad is a good looking dude.  Chad is dating a good looking chick.  Chad is standing at a fork in his life.  He can either continue to eat himself to death or he can choose to live life and live happily ever after with his girlfriend who is sick of watching him kill himself at this point.   His girlfriend wrote him a “Dear John” e-mail that seems pretty cruel at first glance but actually seems to be the intervention that Chad needs to motivate him to get his life back.

Chad’s dad was emotionally and physically abusive to his wife and kids.  This may be one of the main reasons why he is overweight.  Chad speaks of wanting a father figure as a child.  The personal trainer, ironically named Beverly Perfect, thinks Chad has a lot in common with Sallie, who lost her father to suicide.  Beverly wants the two of them to discuss their father issues but Chad is not ready at this time.  Beverly feels Chad won’t lose weight until he speaks about his dad.  I disagreed with her bringing up his past abuse in front of another client during a training session.  While Chad does need to explore his feelings towards his dad, he should do it when he is ready and not a moment before.

At the halfway mark of the program, Chad gets a surprise visit from his girlfriend.  She didn’t give up on him and they look very much in love.  After the family visit Chad is 10 times more motivated to lose weight.  He has a fantasy of proposing to his girlfriend during a hot air balloon ride, so he must lose weight J.



Foley, AL – Sales Rep

Height: 5’6″

Start Weight: 443.4 lbs

End Weight: 306.8 lbs

“This opportunity changed my life forever, I learned so much about food and exercise, I am back home changing my son’s life and I hope to inspire many more to change theirs as well.”

Sallie starts off getting on my last nerve.  She mentions several times in her interviews that she works “40+ hours a week” as if that is some insurmountable amount of hours and that’s her one major excuse for buying EVERY MEAL AT A FASTFOOD JOINT and not cooking at home.  Apparently grocery shopping is just for snacks to eat while waiting for your take out order to arrive.  While selecting lunch items from the salad bar at Hilton Head Health, Sallie mentions she is a picky eater.  Then she goes on to mention the things she doesn’t like.  All of her dislikes are vegetables.  Color me surprised, not.

Sallie’s dad committed suicide when she was a child and it was an unspoken topic in her household.  Sallie self medicated during her grieving by eating excessively.  Sallie experiences a breakthrough (not the KKB kind) during her stay at Hilton Head Health and is able to stop punishing herself for not seeing the signs that her father was suicidal.

At the halfway mark Sallie’s son comes to visit.  His little face lit up with joy upon seeing his mom looking fitter and healthier.  It was so cute to see them ride bikes together.

Finishing off their program at Hilton Head Health, Chad and Sallie compete in a triathlon.  I cannot believe it.  So amazing for both of them. They not only finish, but they finish with some pretty damn good final results.  Sallie returned home to a birthday party reveal with friends and family.  Chad returned home to shock his girlfriend with a romantic proposal.  Sallie and Chad continued to lose weight after leaving the show and Chad married his sweetheart…… And they all lived happily ever after.


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Hello everyone!  I feel like it has been forever since I posted.  It has been a while and I am sorry for that.  Thank you so much TrueLifeDiva for keeping things going in my absence.

Disney –

If you remember I went down to Disney as my daughter was competing in UCA Cheerleading Nationals.  I have to say that I couldn’t have been more proud.  The girls did great, Tiffany looked FANTASTIC and they took 2nd place.  The competition will be shown on ESPN in a month or so and I will let you all know when.  For anyone that says cheerleaders are not athletes (and there are many) must not have seen competitive cheerleading like this.

Before I went I really struggled with how I was going to handle my eating while down there.  Between the social dinners and all of the tempting food options at the parks I knew it was going to be a struggle.  When I got there I was actually pretty good.  I made myself get a yogurt and banana every day which definitely helped.  For the most part if I really wasn’t craving something I saw I got something healthy, if I was really craving something else I got it and didn’t feel bad about it.  At one dinner in particular we went to The Rain Forest Café and I just HAD to get the spicy pasta dish with shrimp and chicken.  But honestly that was the one time I was really bad.  Well, that and a few beers most nights…

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I fly I puff up like crazy!  My hands swell, my feet swell so bad I bring a different pair of sneakers I have just for when I travel, hell my whole body swells.  I knew getting on the scale right when I got home would be a huge mistake so I waited 4 days and to my surprise I had only gain ½ a lb.  I think all of the walking we did counteracted anything “bad” I may have eaten.  I honestly think this was the first time I went on a vacation and didn’t gain weight.

The last week since I’ve been back –

I’ve been MIA for a few reasons (excuses).  To sum it up in just one statement: I’ve been a grumpy bitch.  There have been SO many things going on.  My son has been sick so he has been sleeping with us.  Sleeping is not exactly the right word as he has been up more than asleep because of his coughing and stuffy nose… which means mommy hasn’t been sleeping either.  My daughter now not only has two teams she is cheering on but lacrosse has started and she is playing on two teams for that as well.  This means mommy is more of a chauffeur than normal.  Work has been hectic getting catching up AND I got a new boss that started Monday.  I am completing re-doing my pool and outside patio area so I have had a ton of different companies come to give me estimates.  Oh, did I mention that my boyfriend started a new job so he gets home later AND he is now sick?  Anyone spend any significant time with a sick gown man?  Usually I am pretty good at putting on the smiling face and faking my happiness through most things but this past week I had the perfect storm of annoyances!!   So help me god I was ready to run away from home.   I am still not necessarily a happy camper yet but I have definitely improved from the complete grumpy bitch I was.  OMG, I must sound like Bethanny!  There is some good news…  I went for my “annual” mammogram and “annual” obgyn visit and everything was just fine.  I use the term “annual” loosely as it has been three years since both.  I will not let that happen again in the future.

Have any of you felt like I have?  I think we all have at some time or another.  This time though I can honestly say that I didn’t run towards food to make me feel better.  I walked to it on occasion, but never at a full out sprint.  I am happy to report that this morning I weighed in at 151 lbs.   I believe a good bit of my “funk” is also because I hit that 150 lb mark almost a month ago and have not been able to get past it.  I think I got a little tired of trying so hard eating all of the right things and no longer seeing the results that I was.

Time to look forward –

It is now spring!  I love spring.  All of my flowers are starting to show signs of life!  It is time for a great positive attitude for some motivation.  What a better time to re-commit to getting fit and healthy.  Ok… even as I am typing this I am trying to draw on some enthusiasm and I am coming up short.  It is like I am trying to talk myself into feeling this way.  I may not be there yet but that is what all of you are for.  So we can encourage and help one another get and stay motivated.  That was one of the many mistakes I made this past week.  I didn’t come here and write a blog because I felt a little down and overwhelmed, but what I should have done was come here to help change my mood.

So in closing I will say; bring on the motivation!!!

PS: I will be e-mail everyone that has posted here in the past to get them to come back.  We need some life back!

PSS:  I will be making a donation to autism this weekend so report in your weight loss!

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Heavy Recap

Another great Heavy recap from our own TrueLifeDiva!



Mark and Patty



Athens, GA – Educational Consultant

Height: 6’0″

Start Weight: 516.6 lbs

End Weight: 357.4 lbs

“This experience not only made me a healthier person but a stronger husband and father for my family. I look forward to sharing this experience with my community and help change not only my life and my families lives but also inspire those in my community who have the same food addiction problem I have.”

Mark is a large dude who carries his weight like a spare tire around his mid section.  He is about to become a father and wants to be healthy for his family.  He walked into HHH announcing he wanted to run a ½ marathon.  I, along with the trainer laughed out loud at the idea of him losing enough weight and getting in shape enough to run that far/long in less than 6 months.  Mark brought no drama and basically dove into the program like his life depended on it, which it did.  Week after week the weight melted away.  In the end he lost almost 160lbs.  160lbs in 180 days, that’s my kind of results!  During his stay his daughter was born.  It was very touching to see how awestruck he was by the birth.  The day of the marathon finally arrived and although 160lbs is absolutely awesome, at over 350 Mark is still obese.  I was afraid for him as he began chugging his way down the lane with his shorts bunching up into his crotch area.  At the halfway mark he began to complain a little bit but powered through.  When Mark crossed that finished line I literally yelled out loud and pumped my fist in the air.  Chubbies can be winners too ;-).  If Mark can complete a ½ marathon with less than 6 months training, I know I can at least do the same.  Too many times we focus on what we can’t do and not on what we can.  Mark’s journey reminded me of all the things I can do.  After leaving HHH Mark lost an additional 30lbs, you go boy!



Mesa, AZ – Homemaker/Grandmother

Height: 4’10”

Start Weight: 312.6 lbs

End Weight: 247 lbs

“This was an awesome opportunity, I look forward to helping those who are struggling with the issues that have plagued me for years. I no longer use food to medicate myself.”

Patty is a tiny woman.  At 4’10” she should weigh less than 100lbs but tips the scales at over 300lbs.  This boggles my mind to say the least.  I stand less than 5’6” and I can’t see myself weighing over 300lbs.  The stress on her tiny bones must be tremendous!  Home footage shows a family of portly individuals who enable her to balloon beyond ridiculous proportions.  At a dinner table laden with food, Patty asks the table to be brought closer to her so she doesn’t have to exert herself by actually reaching for anything.  And the whole family complies with no questions asked.  My mouth hit the floor.  I was waiting for someone to start spoon feeding her next.

At HHH her medical evaluation reveals she is 2/3 fat.  When Patty states the obvious, the doctor tries to sugar coat it but Patty knows when she’s being patronized.  Even though she rolled in on a Rascal, I see a glimmer of hope as Patty admits she is carrying over 200lbs of fat for no reason.  The first workout was just crazy.  Patty looked like a newborn taking her first steps.  She had become so sedentary that walking was a scary prospect.    How many times have I stopped a treadmill run because I thought I felt a cramp coming on?  Too many times to count.  The old saying, “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”  It was cute to see Patty eventually walk past her scooter on her own two feet.  It was even cuter to see her jetting around on a “tricycle”.  One of her reasons for losing weight was to be able to play with her grand kids; I think Patty will be racing those kiddies on her bike in no time at all!

After leaving HHH, Patty got a makeover.  She looked like a new woman and the shocked expressions on her family members faces when she walked into the party was pure joy and surprise.

It’s funny how every week we are introduced to two new characters on this show.  Even though I am not a 50-something grandmother or a 500lb man, I see a little of myself in every person who appears on my screen.  I see the pain that gets stuffed down with food.  I see the sense of helplessness when the weight gets out of control.  And seeing these men and women overcome these challenges lets me know that I can overcome anything that comes my way too.  😀

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Heavy: Tim and Stacia


Tim and Stacia



Glendale, AZ – Unemployed

Height: 4’2″

Start Weight: 240.2 lbs

End Weight: 173.4 lbs

“I’m grateful for this opportunity. I learned so much about portion control and being consistent, I am more healthy and active than ever.”

Tim is a unique client for Hilton Head Health.  He is a little person with an average torso coupled with smaller arms/legs.  Exercise will be challenging due to his build.  He is 4’2” and his waist is 61”.  His waist is 11” longer than his height.  I am 5’6” and his waist is 5” longer than my body.  Think about it, he was literally a little round ball of a person.  Along with the physical complications that come with dwarfism, his excessive weight is putting tremendous strain on his internal organs.  His medical evaluation reveals he has high levels in every category.  He is on the brink of death.  Despite the grim diagnosis, his spirit is high and this carries him throughout the 6 months.

During his therapy sessions Tim reveals he began packing on the weight when his mother was killed in a car accident when he was 15yrs old.  Not much is shown of his sessions but I am glad he got a chance to talk about his feelings.  Discussing his grief was long overdue.

Tim dives right into the process and immediately has great results.  He definitely is in need of this program.  I’m not sure he would’ve gotten similar results at home doing Jenny Craig and a personal trainer.  Tim really needed a team to help him achieve his goals.  He was the perfect candidate for this show.

In the end he lost 68lbs and has since managed to maintain the weight loss.  Tim needs to lose almost 90lbs more but hopefully he will find a way to continue his journey.  I wish him all the best.



Atlanta, GA – Accounts Receivable Specialist

Height: 5’6″

Start Weight: 435.2 lbs

End Weight: 286.4 lbs

“I knew that I had to work on healing my heart and head if I wanted lasting, life-changing success. I began learning and practicing the very habits that I plan on maintaining for the rest of my life.”

Stacia is a singer/actor/performer who feels held back by her weight.  She is married to a man who enables her by eating excessively as well.  In an opening scene the couple are shown discussing breakfast.  The choices are pizza or cereal.  Stacia’s husband decides they should have pizza and cereal.  Stacie one ups him by suggesting they eat frozen waffles while waiting for the pizza and cereal to cook.  My mind is literally boggled by the fact they are eating three meals for breakfast.  Stacia’s husband admits they have only been married for 1½ yrs and are not intimate.  Stacia must sleep in a chair sitting up wearing an oxygen mask for her sleep apnea.  To not do so could result in her dying in her sleep.

During her counseling sessions Stacia reveals she was molested as a child.  To ease her pain, she turns to food.  Stacia feels her weight is now holding her back in life.  She is involved in theater and cannot be as active as she’s like due to lack of mobility.  Stacia frequently cannot fit into chairs in public places.  During a meal at Hilton Head she reveals that she eats in excess of 10,000 calories a day.  She’s not really sure how much because she stopped counting at 10,000.  Stacia’s eating is definitely out of control.  As soon as she starts the program the pounds begin melting off.  She embraces the program and I am so glad she doesn’t pull the fragile girl act that so many women portray when forced to show effort.

Unfortunately, along with losing weight Stacia lost that loving feeling for her husband.  He no longer fits into her new lifestyle.  The poor guy never saw it coming.

At the final weigh in Stacia lost almost 150lbs.  That is absolutely phenomenal!!!!!  At her reveal Stacia performs jazz standards for friends and family and looks like a new person.  After leaving Hilton Head Health, Stacia losses an additional 15lbs on her own.  She still needs to lose approximately 115lbs but I think she will achieve that goal.  Stacia has what it takes and nothing will stop her now.

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TrueLifeDiva Thursday


TrueLifeDiva Thursday

Emotional Triggers

On this journey we call life; we come to the occasional fork in the road.  The direction we choose can either lead us to happiness or self destruction.  Sometimes outside forces influence our decisions.

A friend of mine recently started dating someone new.  At the age of 40 he is in love for the first time.  I noticed something different about my friend since getting a boyfriend.  He used to always want to go to the Chinese buffet and always had triple layer cakes to tempt me with.  Now that he’s blissfully in love, he’s stopped overeating.  Kind of funny how that works.  Love can make you do right or make you do wrong (shout out to Al Green).

In reflection I’ve allowed relationships to influence my weight/food choices as well.  I always gain weight when I have a boyfriend.  I’m from the south and I love to cook comfort foods from scratch.  When I break up with someone I tend to lose a dramatic amount of weight in the weeks following the break up. I eventually gain it all back but you get the picture.  I eat when I am stressed and forget to eat when I’m deliriously happy.  Neither is healthy.  In my food journal I see the patterns; I just wish I had more control over them.  I guess acknowledging the problems are at least halfway to the solution.  There was a time when I had no clue whatsoever.

Doing the recaps of Heavy has caused me to self reflect as well.  While not obese, we can all relate to the issues the participants deal with and lead them to the place they’ve found themselves.  I see myself reflected in them and in you all.  What are some of your triggers and how do you overcome temptation?

Don’t forget March 26,2011  http://NFAR.kintera.org/raceforautism/truelifedivaruns









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Bill, 52

Height: 6’3″

Start Weight: 443.0 lbs

End Weight: 301.6

“I hope those around me will benefit from my transformation and be inspired to do something that they have been fearful of doing until now.”

     Okay, here we go again with the former athlete who still eats like he’s in training.  Is this gonna be the theme for all the men on this show?  Bill knows what he needs to do to get back in shape but like most people he needs help getting there.  Bill also has bad knees which is a major hindrance.  Bill is a recovering addict and should stay away from painkillers at all costs.  He puts his sobriety at risk by lying to his physician and the staff at Hilton Head Health.  I wish the trainer had gone a little harder on him when she confronted him about his prescription for narcotic painkillers.  I’m glad they brought his son in and somehow that reminded him he was an addict.  They say he threw his pills away and used a non-narcotic method to deal with his knee pain.  I’m proud of him for getting back up and dusting himself off.  Can I just say that young male trainer that didn’t have a name was a cutie patootie? I was like train me baby, and train me hard 😉 .

     When Bill showed up at his son’s game, I got a little bit teary eyed.  He had missed out on so much because of his shame regarding his weight.  The things we do to ourselves!  Bill’s weight loss of almost 150lbs was amazing!  That’s how you take advantage of a 6 month stay at a weight loss spa baby!  I was so happy for him.


Julia, 26

Height: 5’8″

Start Weight: 254.4 lbs

End Weight: 166

“For years I struggled with my weight, but I feel like a new woman now. I am happier, stronger and faster than ever. I reminded myself of my inner strength, nothing can stop me now.”

     I really related to Julia.  While I don’t have a twin, I have an aunt who is only 4 months older than me (grandma had kids 24yrs apart!) and we were treated like twins our whole childhood.  She was tall and lanky and I was the awkward chubby one.  Life is funny though, after we went through puberty I’m the tall fit one and she’s the short fat oneJ.  But back to Julia.  Julia has a thinner twin that she’s always being compared to.  Being compared to someone and always being on the losing end can be devastating to a child’s self esteem.  Julia comforted herself by eating to the point of obesity.  Her mother’s death added to her self medicating with food.

     Julia studied at the Flo school of kick ass and take no prisoners weight loss program.  She came with a purpose and rocked it like nobody’s business.  Julia is another great example of someone coming on the show and taking advantage of a great opportunity. I was already emotional over Bill’s story and Julia refurbishing her mom’s bike tilted me over the edge.  That 350 mile bike ride back home was such a triumph for her.  Julia is truly a winner in my book.  And she looked absolutely amazing at her final weigh in.

     This episode of Heavy was truly inspirational and made me realize my problems are small in comparison to others.  I hope they bring this back for another season because I am definitely hooked!

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I saw this article over the weekend and I thought it had some great info and the timing was good for us.

I was pleased to see that many of their tips are things that we are already doing and or discussing.   Some key things we have discussed are keeping a food diary, not dwelling on the past mistakes, planning, and especially getting support.

This article came at a good time for me as over the past two weeks I have been getting a little frustrated.  I feel like my calories have been not only low but from good sources and I haven’t seen any real changes on the scale.  I know I just got to keep plugging along but damn these last few weeks have been somewhat of a struggle mentally.

Already quit your Jan. 1 goals? Here are some tips to stay focused


Updated 3:45 PM EST, Thu, Mar 3, 2011 |

My goal is to lose 50 pounds. The goal seems so out of my reach but I know I can do it.

Getting started has been tough. Like most people, my kick-off date was Jan. 1. But after a week-long vacation in the middle of January and enjoying all the fun and tasty treats that Valentine’s weekend is sure to deliver, I feel like I’ve gotten off track.

I know there are others just like me who need help staying focused. 
So what can we do to make sure that on Jan. 1, 2012 we are lighter than Jan. 1, 2011?
Registered Dietician Althea Zanecosky says the first thing you need to do is “Set smaller, achievable goals like two pounds by next week.” Saying ‘I want to lose 50 pounds’ could make your goal seem harder to achieve.
Since the weight loss fairy won’t automatically come and remove the pounds for you, the next step is to have a plan.

Zanecosky says make a decision to no longer go to the vending machine, and then determine what your alternative behavior will be. For example you can bring yogurt or fruit to keep in the office fridge.

Other tricks to stave off hunger and poor eating habits include chewing gum, enjoying a small piece of dark chocolate, and trading crunchy chips for crunchy fruit or veggies.
It’s also important to keep a food diary. You can’t measure what you don’t track. Keeping a food log that you share with a friend or nutritionist will keep you honest. Having a food log can also be useful when trying to determine why you aren’t losing weight and what situations cause you to succumb to temptation.
When you do fall off the wagon, fitness expert and co-owner of Crossfit Center City Erin Davidson says don’t dwell on the past, don’t dwell on your mistakes, but do learn from them.

“Any real change in your body is going to take real change in your habits – which simply takes time,” says Davidson. “It’s like anything else in life: eating right takes practice.”
To prevent yourself from eating foods that aren’t good for you’ve got to plan.

“Healthy food in perfect proportions will not actually fall from the sky right on to your plate,” says Davidson. 

You’ve got to learn to cook according to Davidson. 

“You’ve got to learn to plan ahead to have food you actually want to eat that’s good for you,” says Davidson. “Most of the time the ‘bad’ choices we make with eating have more to do with the ‘bad’ decisions we have made with planning.”
And since birds of a feather flock together, you should watch the company you keep. Join a weight loss group or start your own. It only takes two to tango, and it’s always good to have a back-up plan just in case your weight loss partner decides to go into hiding at the doughnut shop. It’s ultimately up to you to stay on track. For me accountability is also important. If I know there is someone checking on me, I am more likely to eat right and exercise.
The last message is don’t diet — make a lifestyle change. Lean people think, act, eat, and look lean according to Davidson.

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